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More and more people are taking to two wheels. Better bikeways and facilities to cope with increasing demand and improve safety are needed. New bicycle centres at King George Square and the Royal Brisbane Hospital now mean bike owners can get storage and a shower for a small fee. Cycling is also a great way to keep fit while commuting to work or to relax on weekend without being glued to the box. Brisbane becomes smaller and accessible on a bike.

Many suburban bike routes are bike lanes painted on the road surface like below:

Bike lanes in West End

These are great for more confident cyclists who can deal with traffic. The main hazards are vehicles pulling in and out of car parks, doors opening and buses which can stop and pull over suddenly, turn into your path or sandwich you between a big bus and parked cars if people are not alert. Riding on the footpath might feel safer, but at blind corners and ‘T’ intersections, cars can pop into your path without warning.

UQ Lakes bikeway

The best kind of bikeways are those that are completely separated from traffic. This bikeway, just off the Eleanor Schonell Bridge at UQ Lakes, shows how its done. A former road  was reclaimed for two bike lanes while retaining a separate pedestrian path. The Jacaranda trees form a canopy which lines the bikeway and dapples shade onto riders. Towards the end of the year, the trees turn mauve with blooms, making a great ride even better.

UQ Lakes bikeway looking south

Proper bikeways that are attractive and look nice need not be expensive or fancy. We need more bikeways which keep cyclists, motorists and pedestrians out of each others’ way like this in Brisbane.

BrisUrban notes: Bicycle Queensland has a map of known magpie swoop spots. Find it here


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