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15 minute neighbourhoods?

The Queensland Government’s “Growth Management” Summit continues today. One idea being floated is the “15 minute neighbourhood” idea. South Bank reasonably comes very close to this ideal as it has many workplaces (Hotels, Engineering firms, restaurants, Cinema etc), residential living (apartments overlooking an amazing park) and education (Griffith Uni, South Bank TAFE). Stones Corner or Toowong also resemble this ideal.

Right now, most jobs are in the CBD; This means long commutes to the CBD for work. Imagine working locally, or even from home using your super-fast broadband connection. The enabling technologies are there: Skype for phone calls, DimDim for conferences, e-mail and cloud computing.

But will any of this actually work? Almost anything is possible with a large enough government budget,  funding allocation and ambitious targets for whatever program, but genuine and long term change will only come about when embraced by non-government organisations such as the private businesses and non-government sectors.

There needs to be some long term advantages for businesses to leave the CBD and stay out.

Bernard Salt seems to think this might be petrol at $5 per litre. Urban renewal might be another- Melbourne Docklands seems to be a move in the right direction.  So, good transport links, transit-oriented developments for people to live close to their work and broadband will help. Developing city-enabling infrastructure in places like Townsville might be another.


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March 31, 2010 at 12:45 am

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