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BUZ: How to increase bus patronage by up to 266%

Increasing the frequency is the single most potent tool available to attract more passengers to buses, trains and ferries. Brisbane City Council tried it by rolling out BUZ (Bus Upgrade Zone) buses which run 6am-11pm, Monday to Friday, at least every 15 minutes off-peak and at least every 10 minutes in the peak.

The results? Simply spectacular (click here)

Sunday services after improvement now have higher patronage on many routes, than their weekday patronage pre-improvement. Most increases overall are greater than 100%, with the greatest growth actually happening on the off-peak and weekend services. Sunday  services for route 444, recorded a massive 266% increase! Now unless we are to believe the density of Brisbane (a city with one of the lowest densities in the world) suddenly increased by a massive 100% along these corridors within a time-frame of 3 months to 4 years (seems totally improbable and impossible) then we can only conclude that the thing holding back patronage in Brisbane is poor service frequencies.

Imagine what could happen if  trains ran every 15 minutes in the off-peak? Perth already has such a services, for example the Joondalup line


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April 21, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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