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PostScript: Brisbane’s public transport fleet

A postscript. Taxis and pedicabs (such as green cabs powered by a bicycle) are a form of public transport that plays a real role in many cities overseas.

The previous post can also be used to roughly estimate car lane capacity. In free-flow traffic a car is usually 3 seconds behind the next one. So a car lane can handle roughly 1200 vehicles an hour (may be higher according to specific roads), if each car carries on average 1.2 people, that’s 1440 people per direction per hour per lane. Most cars have five seats, so if every seat was occupied (which it usually isn’t) cars could carry 6000 people per direction per hour per lane.

This means an estimated 76% of theoretical car capacity is wasted during peak hour. This is a huge waste of money, petrol and road space by any standard, but it also presents a special opportunity for a radically creative solution which will be the subject of future posts.


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May 1, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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