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Launched: The Go-Betweens Bridge

Half way across the Brisbane River. Creative commons from flickr user mgjeffery. Click for URL

Its official. The Go-Betweens Bridge at South Brisbane is ready to open. Originally known as the Hale Street bridge, it connects South Brisbane to Milton. Cars using the bridge were to be charged $2.70, but for a special period this will now be $1.50. In future years the toll will rise to $2.00. The bridge is a twin box-girder type bridge, similar in form to the Victoria Bridge. It is not publicly known whether the bridge can support light rail, something potentially useful for Coronation drive in the future.

Attractive deep blue paneling is present on the city side of the bridge. Finally, designers are understanding that there are more colours in life than just white, beige, brown, concrete, glossy glass and black. Somebody should tell the skyscraper designers this.

Cyclists and pedestrians have not been forgotten, with a cycling connection from West End to the popular bicentennial bikeway. Public opinion is divided over the bridge, with some not happy about the toll being present while others are concerned about the extra traffic this might carry through South Brisbane and West End. Some buses will also now use the bridge to get on to Coronation Drive. The bridge is expected to carry 12 000 cars per day, the cost of construction was $328 million. (note 1)

A market day event celebrating the bridge opening will be held on the 4th July 2010.

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Note #1
Go Between Bridge toll slashed, Tony Moore, May 19th 2010, article


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