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A visit to the loyal opposition

Video: One Tampa Bay (US) commuter describes their commute.

Believe it or not, some people believe that public transport is simply a waste of money and that everybody should just get cars. There are anti-transport advocates out there. They exist, and it is worth having a look at what they have to say and why. This blog has its opinions and others have theirs.

Common points often are:

  • People would rather drive a car. They choose do do it. Lets just forget about public transport.
  • Public transport is costly both to subsidise and build, and are inherently less “flexible” when compared with the car. Cars are simply cheaper & more convenient.
  • It is impossible in low density cities to supply quality public transport

An example of literature of this type was Alan Moran’s piece titled The Public Transport Myth (here) which was published at On-line opinion in October 2006. Wendell Cox’s Demographia is also another site of this type (here).

Of course, if the only option to get around is by car and there are no or poor alternatives, then surprise, surprise cars are going to be popular are they not? Nor are cars necessarily more “flexible” when stuck in peak hour traffic jams, indeed the very inflexibility of rail and busway systems allows them to have traffic light priority and exclusive rights-of-ways (tracks/busways/priority lanes) all of which bypass congestion, and finally, it is possible to supply quality public transport in dispersed cities.

These themes will be elaborated in future posts.


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July 9, 2010 at 12:21 am

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