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The link: Public Transport + Urban Development

A developer's flyer. Reproduced under fair dealing exemptions.

What does public transport have to do with developing a future which isn’t dependent on the car and has more options for travel than being stuck in the morning commute on your local arterial roadway?

A well run public transport system with easy connecting bus services to train stations and frequent trains is very convenient to live near. Places near good public transport are in demand. It’s a win win situation- the more people who use public transport, the lower the average cost per passenger km becomes, fewer people need to leave or sneak out of work early to beat the traffic and people have a real alternative to being stuck in a traffic jam.

The more people who use public transport, the more services get put on, boosting the frequency. This boost in frequency makes it even more convenient to catch public transport, pulling in even more passengers.

Rapid public transport travel to the city is the main selling point for this particular development. This blog observes that such developments are often near train stations. Now, if only there were more train services…


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August 15, 2010 at 9:36 pm

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