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Lisbon: Trams in tight places 2

What do you do when space is a bit tight? Answer- get creative! Many of Lisbon’s tram stops also double as bus stops. The use of kerb lane running also means that passengers just wait on the footpath, like they would for any normal bus. Construction of massive ‘superstops’ in the middle of the street is also avoided as is the need for passengers to cross roads. A similar thing is also done in Adelaide with some Glenelg tram stops.

Placing tracks in the left lane does mean that parking spaces will have to go wherever this done. But when you consider a tram like this carries 246 people (Lisbon) in one go, maybe parking can be provided elsewhere? The entire system does not have to be entirely kerb lane running either, with a bit of thought it might be possible to transition to the more usual track-down-the-centre of wider roads if desired.

Are Brisbane’s roads too narrow for Light Rail? Probably not.

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September 21, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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