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Brisbane’s BUZ Revolution: Quality, and they will come

Credit: Alan Warren, Brisbane Transport in 'BUZ Routes' presented at the Thredbo 10 conference. Reproduced under copyright provisions for reporting the news, criticism, study, research and review. A link to the original paper may be found at the bottom of this post.

The staff over at the Auckland Transport Blog have picked up on this blog’s comment about Brisbane’s BUZ. This blog had a earlier post about Brisbane’s spectacular success with the BUZ concept, but it is worth banging on about our own city’s success with BUZ buses again here. Spectacular increases in patronage due to no-compromise wide service hours, high frequency and a common interchange point. The table above (published by AKL Transit Blog) speaks for itself- huge patronage growth in the off-peak and weekends.

Now imagine what would happen if you did frequency and scope-of-hours upgrades like that to the train system?

This blog argues that rather than trying to copy Paris, London, Tokyo and Berlin- Australian Cities have their own successes in public transport, and these are home-grown strategies that work under Australian conditions with the kinds of cities that we have. Talk about non-obvious; we should be looking at our own backyard, because many solutions are under our noses!

Perth has performed a revolution on its trains, and Brisbane has performed a revolution on its buses. Now imagine what would happen if all this was put together (Perth doing a bus revolution and Brisbane doing a rail revolution?). We would finally have a comprehensive, convenient, frequent public transport across ALL modes, from anywhere to anywhere. A comprehensive public transport system that works and is totally affordable, certainly much more affordable and faster to carry out than ‘European’ ideas such as putting a metro station on every street corner. (How much would that cost?)

This blog intends to collect these examples of success together so that they can be easily referred to. But for now there will be a few more posts about Perth’s Rail Revolution, debunking the density delusion, and the TOD and patronage impacts that Perth’s improvements have had.

Update: Paper referenced is here


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