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Perth’s Rail Revolution: Perth to Mandurah (NewMetroRail) 3

Credits: The Orange line to Mandurah railway, Channel 9 Perth

In 1979, the WA state government closed down the Fremantle railway line as a first step to closing
down Perth’s rail system. The BrisUrbane Blog continues its Perth Rail Revolution special with highlights from a Channel Nine Perth special ‘The Orange line to Mandurah railway’.

To get the railway line into the Perth CBD, the train line not only had to run down the middle of the Kwinana Freeway, and bus-rail interchanges designed, some high above the freeway on piles, but a number of bridges had to be strengthened to take the trains and two twin tunnels had to be bored using Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) under the Perth CBD. This is what tunnel boring machines should be doing in Brisbane!

The video goes into details about the engineering works. Today, the basic off peak frequency is a train every 15 minutes. Anyone who uses the system will also notice that, unlike Brisbane which has huge gaping gaps between the train and the platform, Perth’s platforms are level with the floor of the train, which makes it easy the disabled to use.

Perth really is a model to show how high car ownership, low density, the introduction of ‘forced’ transfers from a previous direct bus trip and even the problem of having to run the train line down the middle of a freeway are not barriers to supplying well patronised, high quality, frequent public transport service that is well supported, accessible from a person’s street stop through a feeder bus transfer and affordable to construct.

The results really speak for themselves (see timetable below):

Sample of the Mandurah line timetable, midday weekday off peak (with annotations). TransPerth,















Original animations of the project’s stations, features, amenities and route appears in this post here.


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