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Light Rail for Brisbane: Is Jersey City a model for Brisbane’s West End?

Credits: Clarence Eckerson, Jr. StreetFilms,

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) generally refers to higher density mixed use development within walking distance of good public transport. The idea is basically to put the people near the transport and the transport near the people so that benefits flow to the people and the public transport network.  The Perth model of TOD has extended this concept further by adding buses and car integration along walking to rail stations to serve and stimulate development within a broader catchment area than that immediately around train stations. So perhaps in the future as TOD evolves, there may be different types of ‘suburban’ and ‘inner city’ TOD examples.

TOD can happen with quality, frequent bus and rail systems the video above provides inspiration on what might be possible in West End, Brisbane with a good Light Rail service. Of course, as we saw in Perth, simply doing a “cut and paste” job won’t do as concepts need adapting and refinement to local conditions. Having the infrastructure is necessary but is probably not sufficient; supporting policies are also required, such as on car parking within the developments:

Parking ratios in Jersey City are shocking for some of the people in New Jersey;
We don’t require parking. In most of the developments you are looking at there’s a maximum parking ratio for much of this development but there’s no minimum.

Robert Cotter,
Director of City Planning, Jersey City

That’s right! They don’t require parking! This blog has raised this issue before here and here.

The StreetFilm’s video showcases the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, New Jersey and accompanying TOD developments, which seem to have had a similar impact to an earlier example the BrisUrbane Blog looked at in Charlotte, US. Enjoy!

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