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Canada Transit Special: The New Toronto Rocket (Toronto)

With all the feeder buses and, in the future, feeder Light Rail services to Toronto’s subway system, capacity is being stretched. The TTC costs about CAD $1.4 billion to operate and ridership is now reaching record levels – ridership on the TTC in 2011 is forecast to be around 483 million rides. This means one thing- more capacity is required.

New trains are coming into service on the busy Yonge-University-Spadina line. These new ‘Rockets’ as they are called are the same dimensions as the older trains but have 10% more space. If you look carefully at the trains, you will see how few seats there are on the trains. This is common in high capacity subway systems where distances travelled from the city are relatively short to medium (say 20 or so km).

As Brisbane becomes a larger city, there are some things that can be done to increase capacity on trains and buses without having to expend huge amounts of money on building new lines or waiting forever for big ticket projects to complete, be funded or be planned for. These non-infrastructure solutions are sadly too often overlooked; making existing infrastructure work more efficiently doesn’t seem to be as sexy as a new piece of busway/railway/subway/Insert High-Cost-Planning-and-Waiting-Forever-Infrastructure of Your Choice Here

In larger cities more people stand on public transport. Fact. Train services that only travel relatively medium to short distances could have internal seating changed to free up more capacity without having to buy more trains or build more tracks. The same principle could also be applied to Brisbane’s existing buses which have a low floor section in the front of the bus. If seating in this low floor front section were changed to 1 by 1 seating or another arrangement, the bus could hold more people, would take longer to fill and leave less people behind.

So the message is simple: For more capacity remove and reorganise the seats.

Record ridership projected for 2011 budget 


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