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Brisbane is a lovely place to live, to visit, to study in and do business. Every year more people move to Brisbane which is putting pressure on the people who already live there and services. Brisbane’s transformation from a sleepy country town to a modern city just will not happen without tensions and growing pains.

Simply banning immigration or capping the population are brute and uncreative. We need to find real, humane and civilised solutions. To be able to share our way of life we need to make changes to:

  • Infrastructure
  • How cities are planned
  • Concepts of what a city and its elements are
  • How people are transported

There are solutions, but they are not always obvious. There is alternatives- sometimes a little bold or unconventional. This blog explores these ideas.

This blog is a work of opinion. The opinions expressed here are those solely of the author(s) and not any other party, company, business, association, group or government or government agency. Responsibility for comment that may be construed as election commentary under relevant laws is that of  the editor. The BrisUrbane blog does not print by-lines identifying the authors of articles, other than surveys and special “by invitation” contributions. This is necessary because ideas and personality matter more than the identities of individual contributors.*



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March 14, 2010 at 12:24 pm

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